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‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’

Homework: 09/10/18

9 Box Grid
Hopefully your child should have explained the grid and already started on one of the activities which can be chosen. It has been great to see the items already coming in. I have attached a link to the grid below in case it goes missing at home or school. 


All the children have been given their email addresses this week and so are able to use them for school. Already I have 6 children who have sent me homework via email. Well done to those able to. They have their addresses and passwords stuck in their yellow reading/contact books.  


Please could your children complete the next work page in the new maths book (doing as many questions as they can in the space of an hour). Children are very welcome to spend more time, but an hour is what we would ask for in the week. Don't worry if they can't get all questions done in that time. It has been great to see some working out sheets from children. They have received house points or merit points when I have come across them.  Next term, when the children are more familiar with the grid, I aim to make an optional one for maths. It could be useful for children who finish early or enjoy solving challenges and problems. 



The children will have a spelling sheet that deals with specific rules again. The current ones focus on learning about a prefix.  They also have a simple wordsearch to try based on the last two spelling sheets. (There is a link at the bottom for this too.) 


We have started individual reading in class and the children have little yellow reading / contact books to pass information between school and home. Some of the children are using these very well and writing some interesting comments.  We would hope that where possible a child reads every day - even if it is just a few pages. 

Thank you all.

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