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The FMC has returned!  J

It's starting again...
     7.30 ~ 2nd November 2009

The First Monday Club is a group of amateur and
professional writers who meet on the first Monday
at Oxted Library to share ideas and work. 

The club is led by Stella Whitelaw, and each meeting

focuses on a particular genre of text.

Stella Whitelaw is a professional writer and journalist
with over 40 books and 280 short stories published to date.

You can find examples of work, ideas,

internet links and contacts
on this site. There are details of
the courses Stella leads as well as a

We hope you enjoy the website. You are very welcome to join the FMC and attend meetings. If you wish to do so then please use the contacts listed.

Where is your favourite place to write?

Chevening CEP is proud to host the FMC website.

Developing literacy is one of our key target areas.

We have many initiatives which focus on developing writing amongst children.

However, this is a great opportunity to encourage the adults in our community to put pen to paper (or digits to keys).

You are very welcome to join the group by attending meetings or via the website.

Let's send our children the message that writing does not stop when we leave school; and at the same time we can enjoy using some of that latent talent.

Who knows - perhaps there is a book or two waiting for an audience out there...


If you have any good ideas for this page... please email them to Nadeem using the address on the 'contact us' page.

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This is the current official website for Stella Whitelaw - author. You can find out about her books, courses, magazine articles and the FMC - First Monday Club. The site is hosted by Chevening School. Some of her published work includes...
Pray and Die, (spin, hide, wave, jest, ring and die); mirror mirror;Weave a Loving Web (1971)
Love is a Star Garden (1974), Another Word for Love (1977); Sweet Chastity (1979); Desert Storm (1983); Secret Taj (1984); Flood Tide (1986); Baptism of Fire (1989); Pennyroyal (1989); Eagle's Eye (1990); This Savage Sky (1990); Dragon Lady (1991); A Certain Hunger (1993); The Owl and the Pussycats (1993); Deluge (1994) ; Cruise Doctor (1996); No Darker Heaven (1996); Sweet Seduction (1997); Veil of Death (2004);
Cat Stories (1981); True Cat Stories (1986); Stella Whitelaw's Cats' Tales (1987); Collected Cat Stories (1988); Cats' Tales: A Treasury (1989); More Cat Stories (1990)
New Cat Stories
(1991); The Cat That Wasn't There (1992); Favourite Cat Stories: New Tales of Feline Frolics for Devoted Cat Lovers (2000);  Grimalkin's Tales: Strange and Wonderful Cat Stories (1983). Non-fiction includes... How to Write and Sell a Synopsis (1993); How to Write a Short Short Story (1996); How to Write Short Short Stories (1996); How to Write and Sell a Book Proposal (2000).

Formerly secretary of the Parliamentary Press Gallery at the House of Commons, Stella lives in Surrey with six beautiful cats who have provided the inspiration for her many cat books.

Pollution-induced asthma sent Stella walking the Sussex coast and South Downs for fresh air and healing views. The long coastal walks also proved the inspiration for a number of thrillers  which developed into the Jordan Lacey series.

Stella Whitelaw is a professional writer and journalist, with
over 30 novels published as well as nearly 250 short stories
in national  magazines. Stella has won first prize in a number
of national short story competitions. She also has articles published in Writer's news magazine.


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