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‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’

Class 5

‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’

Welcome to Class 5's page! 


Use the links below to find out a little bit about what goes on from day to day. 

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I hope you are all enjoying your time in the snow! 

If you are looking for some things to do though, read on for some ideas ... 



Make a snowman or snow object. How tall is it? How wide is it? Find the measurement in cm. Then write it in mm and then in m.

Instead, you may like to make a snow angel and measure how deep the snow is. Convert your measurements, so you have them in cm, mm and m. 

If you are making an epic snowman, you may like to weigh each part of you build too. Weights need to be in g and in kg. 




Think about your day in the snow. Create a small book appropriate for a child in Year R to read. Your story should be about someone's adventures on a snow day. Remember it has to be exciting for someone in Year R. Pictures are a necessity. 



Make a snowball that is as big as your head! 

You need to keep that snowball the same size for the entire day. However, the rules ...

1. You have to take it inside 

2. You can't use the fridge or freezer

Be creative of where and how you protect your head! Take lots of pictures and write little explanations of how you are aiming to do it.   

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