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‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’

Class 3

‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’

Day 2:

Another snowy day! If you have finished your running around outside, why not try something from the list below?


1. Have another try at your Daily 10?

2. Watch the snowflakes falling and then see if you can write a poem to describe their action - lots of adjectives needed.

3. Use some squares of greaseproof paper and choose 5 different foods. Rub the foods onto the paper and leave to dry. If the foods have fat in them they will show as see through patches on the paper. Are you surprised by any of the foods? Which one has the most/ least? 

4.Practice your times tables. Have a race with someone else at home, make sure that you write out the question as well. Play some tables practice games.


Or any of the other games on this site to practice your maths!

Don't forget to do some reading as well.


Have a fun day!

Day 1:


After you have finished running around in the snow making snowmen, here are some ideas to keep you busy!


1. You could try some Daily 10 activities on subtraction and fractions on this website:


2. If you have a brother, sister or parent around to play with, why not try the metric conversion game? 

You will need a pack of cards face down on the table. Aces =1, Jacks =11, queens = 12 and kings = 13

Choose your units of measurement to change,

either cm to mm

km to m

Turn the card and convert to measurement

eg. 6 could be 6 cm = how many mm? or 6 km = how many metres?

You try turning over two cards - km and m into just metres!

The person to shout the answer frist wins that round.


Write a story set on a snowy day. You could use the things we learnt from The Ice Palace to help you understand how to survive. 

Maybe you could be Ivan and write a different ending for his story?

Maybe you are going to rescue someone stuck in the snow on a  mountain?

Any style of story would be great. Remember your punctuation and try to include some good quality conjunctions and contractions.


If you are still hungry for activity, why not carry out an investigation into an aspect of Roman life. See if you can find/draw pictures to accompany your work and tell me why the aspect you have chosen interests you.


Above all, have fun in the snow, hopefully it will soon be gone!


Mrs McLean




Welcome to Class 3!


Welcome to Class 3. 


Use this page to find lots of links to useful resources and examples of our learning in Class 3.

Miss Porter and I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you for the lovely gifts that you gave us, you are very kind. 

We hope that you all have a safe and happy Christmas and that the children come back to school well rested in January.


L. McLean

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